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Nelson Niu
Room H310
Year 2021
Course Mathematics with Computer Science

Hi, I'm Nelson. I enjoy math, theater, murder mysteries, creative writing, logic puzzles, attempting to emulate my parents' cooking in the kitchen, political satire, building stuff with wood, teaching, and literary analysis. If you like some of these things, I'll probably like you, too.

I found the original content of this page too amusing to delete, so here it is, preserved:

Hi I'm Nelson and I'm Chinese

I like vegetable oil, sesame oil, and your oil

I'm really good at math and chem and.. basically everything.. but I don't say that

I secretly hate all of you, but I just smile and pretend

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Come edit this page if you want it to be yours

Jess Han

Academic Experiences

Summer 2019: SPUR project in root systems and Coxeter groups

Spring 2019: 18.702 (Algebra II), 18.212 (Algebraic Combinatorics), 6.046 (Design & Analysis of Algorithms), 21M.785 (Playwrights' Workshop)

IAP 2019: 21L.591 (Literary London)

Fall 2018: 18.404 (Theory of Computation), 18.701 (Algebra I), 21L.003 (Reading Fiction), 21M.604 (Intro Playwriting), 6.009 (Programming)

Summer 2018: UROP in topos theory

Spring 2018: 18.100B (Real Analysis), 18.200 (Discrete Math), 18.901 (Intro Topology), 6.006 (Intro Algorithms), 21M.600 (Intro Acting)

IAP 2018: 18.095 (Math Lecture Series)

Fall 2017: 5.111, 7.012, 8.022, 21M.710 (Script Analysis)