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Pranam Chatterjee
Room M203
Year 2016
Course Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Hi friends! I'm Pranam: the new, old guy on the floor! In reality, I'm a senior who just moved onto the floor from West Campus *shivers with disgust*. I am super friendly and love to talk about anything and everything, so feel free to visit me at the far, far end of the hall (Munroe side) in the Dragon room. :)

About me

One really cool fact about me is that I not only transferred dorms, but I also transferred schools -- I went to Dartmouth for 2 years before coming to MIT. There, I majored in Religion (pretty similar to CS & Bio, right?), and lived the life of an Ivy League frat boy. Actually, that's a lie (I did major in Religion, though) -- I didn't like it too much there, so I ventured over to Cambridge, where I was reunited with my twin sister, Priyanka, who is an MIT '15 (you may see her around from time to time, as she is now a grad student here). Anyway, I loved the people on Floor Pi, and now I'm here! Yay! :D

At MIT, I spend a lot of time on my research in the Molecular Machines group at the MIT Media Lab, where I use DNA as a building tool to construct cool new stuff, like nanostructures and molecular programming languages. When I arrived on campus a few years back, I started a pop string group called MIT String Theory (I'm the cellist), so you may hear us playing around campus from time to time! I am also a leader of the Addir Interfaith Dialogue group (gotta keep my Religion swag goin') and I love to volunteer at the Margaret Fuller House in Cambridge, where I teach 7-8 year old kids programming, robotics, and other cool stuff. Also, if you are into sports stuff, I play a lot of pickup basketball at the Z Center, so feel free to join me!

Did I mention I love to talk about anything and everything? Definitely take me up on that invite! :D