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Rebecca X. Wang
Room H310
Year 2018
Course Materials Science and Engineering

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca and I am Exchange Student from Oxford University, UK. The reason why I am here at MIT for the next 1.5 semesters is to research how fancy shape memory alloys deforms, using an electron microscope. Outside of the lab, I am excited to experience as much American/Boston/MIT/EC/floorpi culture as I can. Let me know if there's anything you recommend me checking out.


I am a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none type person.

  • Music, specifically acappella, choral music & ukulele
  • Design and creating things
  • Travel and generally being outdoors
  • Learning about different cultures
  • Dancing and trying new types of dance
  • Social gatherings based around food
  • Fruit and veggies