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Personal Data

Real Name:     Rachel Meyer
E-mail: remeyer [at] mit [dot] edu
Live Contact: (209) 610 - 7375 (cell)
Room: EC: W308
Mail Box: #335
Year: 2010

Lifestyle Data

Current Waking Hours:     No one knows.
Punt/Tool? This is a very fuzzy line.
Sarcasm? Never.

MIT Data

Class:     2010
Course: 6-2
Currently Taking: 6.002, 6.004, 6.041, 21M.065, 21M.675
Previously Took: 5.112, 6.A49, 7.014, 8.011, 18.02, 18.03, 21H.104, 21M.670, 6.01, 8.02, 14.01, 14.02, 6.270, 6.02, 6.042, 6.005, 14.48
Currently (and previously) staff for: 6.01, 8.02

Grr, Rachel failed to save all that work she just did and closed the tab

  • She is working on replacing it.
  • The information below is incomplete.
  • Still "working" on it, almost a year later.

East Campus, FloorPi Data

Food for floorpi

  • Baked goods almost weekly
  • Hall feed sometime soon, possibly something with potatoes in the next couple days
  • Fried Food: There might be a repeat of last years Channukah celebration near the end of this semester.
  • Finals meals: Rachel likes to help with these at the end of the semester.


Listening to Music

  • Rachel will listen to anything, but just not always for a significant amount of time.
  • She likes listening to random music online while working on her computer, such as pandora or real radio stations.

Playing Music

  • Rachel has played flute for almost 11 years and piccolo for 4 years.
MIT Marching Band
MIT Concert Band