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Rena J Katz
Room M309
Year 2012
Course Physics

Rena is a Medlink ("Would you like a sponge bath?") and is one of the Hall Rush Chairs for 2010.

Katfang says: "Rena stores food in other people's refrigerators. When she doesn't have her own food, she shamelessly mooches off of others. She has been compared to the evil bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. She makes a point of not playing Super Smash Bros (except she has once) and tools on Saturdays.

Likes: food, air, cats, tofu, purple, pillows, purple pillows, slinkies, slinkies, dysfunctional metal slinkies, rainbow plastic slinkies, small rainbow plastic slinkies, the Beatles, physics, pretending to sleep, purple carpets, squishy, onions, random football, bouncing

Dislike: that not quite broccoli-broccoli stuff, broccoli, not-purple-carpet, non-pillows, broccoli, meat, burnt onions, crying because of onions, theft, you, you, and you, broken slinkies, boring stuff"