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Sammy Luo
Room H309
Year 2018
Course Mathematics

Historical Info

Sammy moved onto Floorpi at the beginning of Spring 2015. He likes math, frisbee, contact, mafia, physics, and chemistry. He is bad at math, frisbee, physics, chemistry, biology, geometry, humanities (including English), food, singing, whistling, and basically everything else. Jakob has promised to teach him English (and other things) though, so this should be ok.

Modern Info

Sammy is "currently" a grad student at Stanford doing math (oops tricky). His kerberos is getting deactivated "today," and, not knowing whether he will continue to have wiki edit access after this, he has decided to leave a potentially final mark on his own page.

Sammy looks back on his time on floorpi as one of the happiest periods of his life (although it also contains some of the saddest experiences in his memory). He credits floorpi with helping him come to terms with himself and his role in the world, comforting him in times of dire hopelessness, and being there as his family when he desperately needed one away from his default one. He wishes all residents and friends of floorpi, past, present, and future, a happy time on hall, at MIT, and in life in general; that they all may find somewhere they feel completely at peace and like they truly belong.