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Stephanie H. Chin
Room M305
Year 2019
Course Civil and Environmental Engineering

Interests and things

I've done various things in Floorpi/EC/campus including

  • musical things (Marching Band, MIT Symphony Orchestra, GS&P, Concert Band, [π] PianoComm),
  • energy/environmental/sustainability things (UA Sustainability, FFMIT, UG Energy Club, EC Ecocomm, etc),
  • leadership/community things ([π] hall chair, EC Exec),
  • Terrascope and ESG (freshmen learning community) things,
  • swing dance things (Lindy Hop Society),
  • research things (lab-based UROP),
  • maker space-related things (D-Lab, Hobby Shop),
  • food things ([π] FACComm, [π] FruitComm),
  • etc

I know a lot about random resources at MIT, so please feel free to ask me anything!


  • ASE/AP: 8.01, 18.01, 18.02
  • 2015 Fall: 1.010, 5.112, 18.03, 21M.421, 21W.747, (non-credit: EC.A740, PE.0317 Swing Dance, PE.0512 Nutrition)
  • 2016 IAP: (non-credit: PE.0201 Scuba class)
  • 2016 Spring: 1.011, 1.016, ES.7013, ES.8022, 14.01, 21M.421
  • 2016 Fall: 1.000, 1.101, 6.006, 21G.101
  • 2017 Spring: 1.020, 1.041, 1.074, 1.102, 1.472, 21G.102
  • 2017 Fall: 1.022, 1.053/2.003, 4.401, 11.002, 21G.103 (almost 6.036 except finding time is hard >.< )
  • 2018 Spring (possible): 1.035, 1.037, 1.056, 1.060A/B, 1.082, 6.008, 6.036, 21G.104,

Murals on Hall

  • "Man in the Mirror" on closet in M305
  • "Emergency Exit" next to Munroe stairwell
  • Blackboard Lounge in KL (in progress?)
  • Howl (next to M304) and Haku (above M301. Thanks mtheng and ixa!)


Course 1

Congratulations - you know someone in Course 1!

In case you're wondering, I'm in the 1ENG-Systems core - at the intersection of software (operations research, networks, optimization) and engineering and sensors for "smart infrastructure" and Big Data. I'd like to work in the construction industry or on construction technology.

There are a surprising range of connections between Course 1 and other fields (2, 3/10, 4, 6/18C, 11, 7A, 14, etc.) -- feel free to ask me about any!

MIT Buckit List

Let me know if you'd like to do any of these things together :)

  • Learn fire spinning (maybe bo staff or poi)
  • Roofs of Boston excursion
  • Learn ukelele/guitar??
  • Go scuba diving
  • Go to IHOP during the extra hour gained from Daylight Savings (and perhaps un-go to IHOP during the hour lost)
  • Make vegan fudge
  • Find the nearest place that sells mangonadas