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Sebastian Rodriguez
Room H304
Year 2022
Courses Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Physics

Hi there! I'll finish filling this out soon.


Fall 2018

  • ASE: 8.02 (kinda hard), 18.02 (easy, especially because it was mostly multiple choice)
  • 3.091 Intro to Solid-State Chemistry (Grossman): Take this class (unless your major requires a good knowledge of chem) in the fall, it's super easy. I really only went to lecture to be entertained by Grossman.
  • 6.004 Computations Structures (Sanchez, Wachman, Arvind): The class was redesigned the semester I took it and they really screwed things up. Labs were unnecessarily time consuming but the material was interesting. I hope to never see Bluespec again.
  • 7.012 Introductory Biology (Lander, Drennan): Thankfully my only Bio class. Lander is a great lecturer, everything else was ok.
  • 12.A02 Night Skies: Exploring the Solar System with a Small Telescope (Bosh): It was nice to finally learn to how to use a telescope. Dr. Bosh is great as well.
  • 21M.011 Introduction to Western Music (Marks, Neff): Pretty chill CI-M. Essays are straightforward musical analysis without too much technicality and quizzes are easy if you commit an hour or so to studying them. Marks is incredible knowledgable and Neff was a great recitation instructor.

IAP 2019

  • ASE: 18.03, homework packet took ~40 hours but it makes the ASE easy.
  • 8.223 Classical Mechanics II (Williams): Chill class, teaches some great tools for solving hard classical mechanics problems easily. The final project (building/simulating a trebuchet) was fun.

Spring 2019

  • 6.046 (Madry, Tidor): Liked this class more than I thought. I learned almost everything from the notes, but enjoyed Madry's lectures. Tests are difficult.
  • 6.08 (Steinmeyer): Great introduction to microcontrollers, somewhat of a survey of a lot of cool technologies. Steinmeyer is a great lecturer, very knowledgable and helpful with debugging.
  • 8.03 (Ashoori): Basically applied differential equations. The class was organizationally a bit of a mess.
  • 8.04 (Vogelsberger):
  • 14.01 (Rothschild): Just high school micro with a bit of calculus.
  • 14.02: (Caballero): Lectures were basically reading off a powerpoint so I didn't go to class.

Summer 2019

  • I interned at Amazon and was brainwashed with Jeff Bezos' teachings of Customer Obsession. I worked extensively with frontend and AWS.

Fall 2019

  • 6.854 (Karger, Madry):
  • 6.867 (Shah):
  • 8.321 (Liu):
  • 14.27 (Ellison):