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Soohyun Park
Room H302
Year 2015
Course Mathematics


Hiiiii! :D I'm a pink puffball from Canada/Canadia/(???)! :D Please don't (?) activate my nose function...=? (How rude!) Whee!

Feel free to come by and talk to me about anything...XD

I guess I'm finally getting around to making a semblance of a proper page as a senior/soon to be cruft/"sempai"...>.< XD

I'd like to thank Floorpi for its craziness that somehow helped me to keep myself sane in this place. :P :D

Things I like

  • Kirby
  • Crazy (fun) things! :D
  • Boing! :D
  • Math
  • TFP
  • Being a sempai - This gives me an excuse to pretend to/enthusiastically mock people. :D (just joking...or not? xD)
  • Puns/wordplay
  • Music
  • Languages
  • Linguistics (sometimes)
  • Somen (often paired with Nichijou! :D)
  • "Political conflicts"
  • People
  • Apples, kiwis, and grapes (green/red, green > red)

Things that make me sad

  • Being a sempai (How am I supposed to know if I noticed you? xD Also, when did I get so old? T_T)
  • TFP
  • Math (sometimes)
  • Linguistics (sometimes)
  • Puns/wordplay
  • Music (sometimes)
  • "Political conflicts"
  • People
  • Not having enough time to do a lot of random things I like :(

Terrible things

  • The Erlking (and music that makes me cringe...)
  • Blueberries T_T
  • Mangoes
  • Bacon
  • Concord/wine grapes
  • "Political conflicts"

Some other things that I do

  • Trying not to crash into/destroy things (Why is this so hard? D:)
  • Whoosh~
  • Sometimes folding pieces of paper into nice shapes
  • Making Justine suffer with unspeakably terrible puns on her name :D
  • Shooting Steven (whose real name is skokada the Prime Minister of Floorpi) with a nerf gun(?) xD
  • Running towards/away from my "kouhai" Jingyi :)
  • Attempting to sing with clam/making silly sounds...hehehehe....hahahaha...ehhhhh????? :O
  • Restraining myself from yelling at inanimate objects when they do silly things
  • Running away from/laughing at angry people making scary sounds

More Headings! :D :D :D