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Mohamed Suufi
Room M312 -> H304
Year 2025
Courses Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Biology
Pronouns he/him

- part of kitchencomm as of fall 2022 – instated a camera in kitchen to avoid dirty dishes and misuse of communalware

- posted signs in the bathroom to deter seat pee-ers

- anti-sellout premed student at mit woefully regretting his choices


Fall 2021

5.111: lots of content, made me want to not take chemistry again at MIT

8.01: well taught but kinda hard ngl

STS.004: every student should be forced to take this amazing class 100/10

STS.049: really insightful and well taught, scheffler is great

Spring 2022

18.03: interesting class

8.02: i HATE physics, never again

7.016: well taught and structured

6.0001: a bit of a review for me

6.0002: was cool applying the stuff i do

HST.URG: i work in a hospital doing research stuff with clinical data

Fall 2022

ES.9114: very philosophical and therapeutic class

5.12: unfortunately, i have to take chem here still–this class is hard

20.110: poorly structured, hate this place

6.1200 (6.042): my brain is not wired for this kind of thinking, no coding involved whatsosever