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David Lin
Room M312
Year 2020
Course Physics

Hello, I am David from Taiwan. I like math, physics, computer science, logic puzzles, origami, ultimate, swimming, and violin.


Fall 2016

  • 3.091,
  • 21G.222: This is my first formal English writing class in my life. We skimmed through grammar, rhetorics, procedure of writing. Compare with other CI-HW class this one is a light class but I still struggled through it.
  • 6.854,
  • 18.A34: A good class if you are interested in math competition and have no experience to it.
  • 5.61,
  • 4.500,
  • 6.837,

Spring 2017

21G.401, 21W.031, 6.875/18.425, 18.783, 6.856