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Andy Tockman
Room M307
Year 2023
Course Mathematics


  • math
  • linguistics
  • conlanging
  • music (piano/viola/theory)
  • hanabi
  • diplomacy
  • atomic chess
  • dogs
  • factorio
  • celeste
  • baba is you
  • discworld
  • h2g2
  • tchaikovsky's 4th symphony
  • code golf
  • cryptic crosswords
  • the czech /r̝/ sound
  • nixos
  • vim
  • c
  • \LaTeX
  • avatar (the good one)
  • the residue theorem
  • mangoes


  • seafood
  • the quotient rule
  • proprietary software
  • violin
  • guis
  • the english /r/ sound
  • javascript
  • rubber dome keyboards
  • staggered keyboards
  • big keyboards
  • mice (the not fluffy kind)
  • the spacebar
  • avatar (the blue people one)
  • autotools


  • obtaining
  • ~30wpm rot13
  • being the first 2023 to create a wiki page

tier lists

programming languages
SS haskell
S rust racket
A c ruby
B perl *sh julia
C python c++
D java c#
F js php lua
SS mango
S banana strawberry blueberry
A pineapple watermelon kiwi raspberry blackberry
B peach pear plum apricot
C orange grape
D apple
F cantaloupe honeydew
SS piano viola clarinet horn
S cello bassoon timpani saxophone harp
A flute trombone
B bass trumpet
C tuba
D harpsichord
F violin
SS czech
S russian polish turkish welsh vietnamese
A arabic *chinese romanian norwegian irish
B portuguese japanese korean swedish dutch
C french
D spanish german italian
F english