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Xinke is a 9th term (fifth year) student living in floor pi for the last semester of his undergrad. He used to live at Simmons and Next. He took 2 years off due to having symptoms of schizophrenia and/or side effects of antipsychotics (and being hospitalized in McLean Psychiatric Hospital twice his senior year). He doesn't have delusions or hallucinations, but he has lots of other cognitive dysfunction/negative symptoms of schizophrenia.

He didn't graduate in 4 years due to dropping 18.100 and 18.702 twice each and failing some classes (unlike many other people on floor pi)

He likes to play piano in his free time. He also hopes to one day understand the brain better so he can understand his brain disease better. He hopes his brain can one day function as well as it used to function.

He is a math major. He might become a teacher in the future.