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Yichen (Leon) Zhou
Room H311
Year 2014
Course Mathematics

This is Leon.

Leon Zhou moved onto Third West in IAP 2012, after spending his first year and a half living at MacGregor and Fifth West while spending the majority of his waking hours on 3W. The resulting cognitive dissonance has led him to believe that it is a good place to live.

What do you do

  • Math, such as teaching ESP classes titled "How to Avoid Being Eaten by Bears... In Space!", "How to Cut a Cake," and "Mathemagical Puzzles and Diversions." (The last two I cotaught with Josh.) Josh and I are also the president and treasurer of the MIT Undergraduate Mathematics Association, and you should come to all of our events!
  • Juggle. Lauren and I make up two thirds of the MIT Juggling Club executive leadership. Come to Lobby 10 on Fridays between 4 and 6, and we will give you cookies!
  • Table tennis. Vlad, Rui, Damien, and I comprised the EC intramural team in Spring 2011.
  • Cook, with Carl and Brandon. Ask us about our awesome stirfry recipes (put all the ingredients in a pan with oyster sauce).

Okay, but what do you really do