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Lumia Neyo
Room H310 -> ET -> H307 -> ET
Year 2024
Course Mathematics
Pronouns she/her

hi i'm lumia

i imported my name from my minecraft username, which in turn was imported from spirit island

last name is neyo, a word stolen directly from puflantu

i also realized that lumi adbole also satisfies both of these constraints, the only differences being that it's supervocalic instead of euryvocalic, and adbole means star in puflantu while neyo means 180

apparently reviewing classes is good

spring 2023

18.453: i replaced 18.218 with this class because it has 2 people that i talk to very often
18.200: i thought this would be easy, except that it has annoying continuous variables like chebyshev inequality
24.914: oops i don't phonetics
18.900 uaing is fine, ig, at least this semester seidel is teaching which makes it significantly better than when i learned it last year

fall 2022

18.217: is a postnikov class
18.226: is a yufei zhao class that i dropped to listener after failing to complete the first pset
18.821: 9am required attendance, but mildly interesting enough for me to not have dropped before week 2
18.404: the class i've been wanting to take all of last year but couldn't due to conflicts, also abean is in this class
24.951: syntax is my strongest area of linguistics, but i've gotten too burned out to actually be able to understand anything in that class
6.009[6.101] or is it 6.101[6.009]? missed first recitation due to scheduling conflicts, didn't bother catching up since
6.0002: abean is in this class

spring 2022

all 6 of the classes i preregged for had first digit after decimal point 9

18.900: seems pretty easy, i skip class consistently mainly because it's a 9am
24.903: seemed pretty easy, except that i'm apparently bad and participation is actually somewhat important
24.910: definitely using a pnr on this, most assignments i've gotten around a C on and i've fallen very far behind the squib assignment and might end up OXing. didn't drop almost exclusively because there were plenty of friends in the class.
24.915, 24.904: dropped. 24.915 was way too early although maybe it would have motivated me to do more voice training, 24.904 content was interesting but there were readings
18.901: dropped just before drop date, continuity was just way too hard for me to prove well

puzzles: accidentally ghosted my team for a couple months
mentoring: yes
other work: i enjoy teaching smol people math, why didn't i discover this sooner?

dance: i have gotten pulled into tech squares.

spirit island: played somewhere around 150 games this semester, and updated the spreadsheet many times (could maybe have made a changelog for it).

iap 2021

18.095: first time actually skipping classes consistently, but this is mostly because the lectures are recorded
puzzles: my team acquired coin

fall 2021

24.901: has a large amount of friends in it, class is also not hard
24.902: has a small amount of friends in it, class is also not easy
18.100b: c o n v e r g e
18.510: really hard, and the class i fall asleep in the most, but topic is probably my favorite topic within math
sts.s20: the only class i use my computer keyboard for
18.701 grading: darn i forgot all of 18.701
puzzles: i partially testsolved teammate hunt, also this year has been really heavy in puzzle hunts

spring 2021

24.900: definitely the class i tune out of the least, this class was my favorite class at least with respect to lectures
24.241: dropped, because it conflicts with 24.900 which is a more interesting class, replaced by 24.118
24.118: is actually a more interesting class than 24.900 solely because it's completely asynchronous and i like the topic nearly as much as 24.900, also, iirc the main professor is the guy who won that large number contest. However, I ended up dropping this to listener because assignment grading is kinda tough
18.212: learned that Postnikov grade cutoffs are very lenient, after i put this class on pe/ne

- since i'm taking 5 classes this semester i made sure as many of them are as fun as possible, combo is my favorite part of math

5.111: sadge, the funny professor's classes have ended and he overshadows the other prof so much

- the only reason i'm taking this over 3.091 is because most of the people i've talked to so far are also taking this. also should have put this class on pe/ne instead of 18.212

6.0001: is over now

- this class seemed kinda important for me to take

fall 2020

21W.022 writing autobiography: i got to write about minecraft, and apparently i have the most notable themes in my essays
18.701 algebra 1: this class really became 18.03+18.100 in the last week
18.03 diff eq: darn i have to memorize stuff
8.02 physics 2: cruising through this because i took (and failed) the ase

more official extracurricular stuff

starting with least to most recent:

esp: i have directed summer hssp once so that will probably follow me around for a while. also i somehow became famous during splash 2021 by renaming someone on discord
puzzle club: became exec in spring 2021 (member-at-large) and now i'm secretary, but i'm not very active for some reason, even though i'm the most direct connection from teammate to puzzle club
tech squares: i know c2 and may have given up on bothering learning c3a
teammate stuff: i wrote uh 1 puzzle in mystery hunt this year

and now i'm also floorpi hall chair, which is both exciting and terrifying

less official stuff i talk about

solved 34531 puzzles on as of february 28, 2023, including every masyu, shakashaka, akari, LITS, shwolf, shugaku, fivecells, hitori, pipelink, tatebo-yokobo, tatamibari, wagiri, cbblock, usoone, and putteria

has beaten minesweeper expert (16x30 with 99 mines) without flags in 86 seconds

likes: math, linguistics, logic puzzles (and many other puzzles), celeste, spirit island, minecraft, toby fox's and lena raine's music, thigh-high socks
dislikes: anything literary analysis related, heterosexuality, cisgenderness, egyptian ratscrew, talking to family
detests: jk rowling, the republican party

has never played pokemon go or fortnite and am proud of it
has played mangoes exactly once in exchange for others playing stone age
has never played hollow night and am not proud of it

has created 8(?) only connect boards, 1 had every clue 1 letter off and was pretty balanced, another was completely minecraft-themed

famous for saying:
"no u"
"baby don't hurt me"
"aw man"

other notable things about me:

  1. i refuse to match socks. as cj once said, if he saw me wearing matching socks then there's something wrong with me. this also lets me use a unique callback for a certain c2 squares call
  2. you can very easily distract me with spirit island
  3. if i hear people talking right outside my door i have a good chance of joining in
  4. there are pride flags on my door
  5. i like cuddles (generally) although i'm somewhere on ace spec so i'm not sure about anything deeper, although other general romantic stuff is fine
  6. i'm very active on discord, if you dm me between 11am and 2am and i don't respond within 20 minutes, there's a 90% chance i'm either in a pe class or playing spirit island

spirit island takes of varying temperatures


  • adversary: scotland
  • aspect: pandemonium
  • blight card: aid from lesser spirits
  • event card (that's not adversary specific): thriving trade, lesser spirits imperiled
  • fear card: scapegoats, mimic the dahan
  • growth option: volcano's growth 3, starlight's growth 12
  • innate power: close the ways, serpent rouses in anger
  • island board: E
  • major power: unlock the gates of deepest power, weave together the fabric of place
  • minor power: sky stretches to shore, call of the dahan ways
  • presence track: stone's top track
  • scenario: elemental invocation
  • special rule: open the ways, pour down power across the island
  • spirit: starlight, finder
  • unique power: blur the arc of years, manifestation of power and glory

least favorites:

  • adversary: sweden
  • aspect: sunshine
  • blight card: all things weaken
  • event card (that i don't redraw): overconfidence, cultural assimilation
  • fear card: demoralized
  • growth option: lure's reclaim all
  • innate power: pound ships to splinters, night terrors
  • island board: B
  • major power: dissolve the bonds of kinship
  • minor power: razor-sharp undergrowth
  • presence track: earth's bottom track
  • scenario: varied terrains
  • special rule: shadows of the dahan, sworn to victory
  • spirit: wildfire, thunder
  • unique power: sudden ambush, raging storm
rough order of spirits (and aspects) based on funness
SS starlight, finder
S fangs, bodan, fractured, snek,
A trickster, memory, panda lightning, madness shadows, volcano
B ocean, lure, minds, wind lightning, vengeance, foreboding shadows, immense lightning, keeper, travel river
C shroud, green, stone, amorphous shadows, might earth
D reach shadows, base lightning, downpour, sunshine river, base river, resilience earth
F base earth, thunder, wildfire

video games i play

vanilla minecraft

things i like to do

  • blow up stuff with beds, mostly at y=14 in the nether
  • fill out maps that have a lot of blue on them
  • hoard tridents and other rare things
  • get advancements
  • make everything i build pride and/or spirit island themed

things i particularly dislike doing

  • anything that involves redstone
  • using firework rockets for not crossbow ammo in the overworld

modded minecraft

tier list of mods (that i've used)
SS astral sorcery, botania, nuclearcraft, storage drawers, twilight forest, flux networks
S extended crafting, extreme reactors, mystical agriculture, ex nihilo, ars nouveau, tinkers construct, environmental tech
A thermal expansion, draconic evolution, industrial foregoing, immersive engineering, mekanism, sky resources 2, cooking for blockheads, modular routers
B actually additions, ender io
C blood magic, thaumcraft, extra utilities 2, resourceful bees
D rftools, pam's harvestcraft, xnet
F industrialcraft 2

mods that kinda escaped under my nose: applied energistics, create mods that i want to try: abyssalcraft, voidcraft, erebus

some explanations for placements:

  1. botania is a tech mod
  2. astral sorcery has the best theme, but things take a while to craft and you can't automate anything
  3. also, astral sorcery lets you cheese twilight forest and botania
  4. draconic evolution is not super well designed, but it's the only way i know of to increase vertical flight speed without a dash ability
  5. the single best thing about industrial foregoing is how easy it is to make fertilizer
  6. similarly the best part of immersive engineering is the garden cloche
  7. mekanism would be at least a tier higher if machines stacked before placing them down
  8. cooking for blockheads cheeses mekanism
  9. extra utilities 2 is quite quirky, but i can't bookmark any of its generators because it would randomly crash my game
  10. resourceful bees elite centrifuges are slow af


185 berries:

  • all reds
  • moon
  • 1a golden
  • all c-side goldens


black borders are currently infernal and dark castle

"axis of (tower)" completions:

  • tack shooter on candy falls
  • spike factory on another brick